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Best Asian Countries to Meet Asian Girls Online

15 June 2018

Curious about which Asian Country is the most popular in Asian dating sites? We will give you a list of best Asian countries to meet Asian girls online and who knows, you might find that special lady in one of these awesome places.

  1. Philippines

    a filipino girl at the peak of a mountain

    The Philippines is not only known for its beautiful beaches and tourist destinations, the country is also known to be filled with beautiful, exotic, and educated women.This country has the Spanish/American influence.

    The good thing about dating a Filipino woman is that they are considered as one of the hottest girls in Asia due to their mixed Asian, Latin and western features. It is very easy to get plenty of matches and dates as they are the ones who mostly populate Asian dating sites like TrulyAsian. You will not be having a hard time in dating them as most of them knows how to speak English fluently.

    The worst thing about dating a Filipina is some of the women are very religious and conservative considering that 92% of the country’s population is Christian.

    The best places to visit in the Philippines is Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

  2. Indonesia

    two happy indonesian girls

    Indonesia is considered as the best country to meet and date Asian girls due to its 261 million population. There are roughly 10 million Indonesian girls between the ages 18-40 who are still single and finding a husband whether if it’s foreigner or not.

    The competition in finding Asian singles in Indonesia is quite high as there are a lot of foreigners who are into Indonesian women.

    The best thing about dating them is they have exotic beauty, outgoing, open-minded, and jolly women. Age gap is not really an issue for them when they date.

    The worst thing about dating Indonesian girls is that some of them are very religious and value their beliefs and culture which can make them to be quite conservative. Though not every girl in Indonesia is like this.

    The best places to visit in Indonesia is Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bali.

  3. Vietnam

    a smilling vietnamese girl

    Vietnam is considered to have the most conservative and beautiful girls in Asia.

    It will be very hard for you to find a woman for casual relationships as they are into serious and long-term relationships. They believe that they must give their purity to their partners after marriage or to the right and deserving person.

    asian dating

    The best thing about dating them is they are very beautiful and thei partner’s age gap doesn’t matter to them. It will be easier for you to take the woman out in coffee shops or restaurants.

    The worst thing about dating them is they are very conservative and some still live with their parents until marriage. They also have poor English speaking skills which could give you a hard time especially if you don’t speak Vietnamese. They are as not easy-going compared to Filipinas and Indonesian women.

    The best places to visit in Vietnam is Saigon, Hanoi and Nha Trang.

  4. Taiwan

    taiwanese girl near a waterfall

    Taiwan is known to have a positive view of foreigners. Taiwanese girls find foreigners very attractive especially Americans and Europeans. It will be easy for you to approach them and make them as your girlfriend as they are into foreigners.

    The best thing about them is they are very educated who can speak English very well and are very independent. You have a higher chance of dating a Taiwanese woman since Taiwan has a very low dating competition rate for foreigners.

    The down side about dating them is that most of the women have nerdy features. Which others find attractive, and some others don’t.

    The best places to visit in Taiwan is Taipei and Kaohsiung.

  5. Thailand

    Thai girl sitting on the sidewalk

    Thailand is known for its high rate of ladyboys. If you are a straight man and currently looking for Thai girls, you must be very careful in finding a girlfriend. Get to know them first so you will not be disappointed in the end.

    Thai women are into foreigners so it will be easier for you to approach and find middle-class girls online. It might be quite hard to find rich Thai girls online as you will only find them in luxury places. If you want to visit pubs or clubs chances are, you will get to meet older women, prostitutes, and ladyboys.

    The benefit of dating Thail girls is that they are very open-minded, liberated, outgoing, fun and sexy. They have average English speaking skills which makes communication not a problem.

    The least thing about dating in Thailand is that the country has a a high number of prostitutes and ladyboys. Also, the dating competition against other foreigners is also very high.

    The best places to visit in Thailand is Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Udon Thani.

  6. Malaysia

    a happy malaysian girl

    Malaysia is known for having mixed features and beauties. Whether you are not sure which you want to date is it a woman who has a face of a Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino or Western women you will find that woman in Malaysia.

    Malaysian girls are very educated and have decent salaries. The best thing in dating a Malaysian woman is they have different nationalities and ethnicities. The least thing about them is that they only have a small population in every dating websites. They are also very conservative and religious. Others would prefer to date with the same race as theirs as they don’t really find foreigners attractive.

    The best place to visit in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.

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