Dating Japanese Girls: Top Tips and Advice

Japanese girls are naturally shy and very respectful of their country’s traditions, so it’s quite challenging for non-Japanese men to date one since.

One thing about Japanese girls that will make things easier, especially for English-speaking men is they like to learn English from you. This is one angle you can start with if you plan on pursuing Japanese girls, but that’s just one. You’ll need more than that to help you score a date with one of them and get past the online dating stage.

Fortunately, TrulyAsian has these tips to help you on your journey to dating Japanese women.

Try to Speak the Language

The first thing you have to do if you want to date Japanese girls is to speak the Japanese language. Nihongo/Nihon-go is Japan’s spoken language, and it’s easy to learn.

Basic Nihongo is enough to talk with your potential Japanese girlfriend, plus it gives more of a respectful tone because basic Nihongo is constructed politely.

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Speaking their language also gives an impression that you are interested in them for it shows you took the time of learning something about the land of the rising sun.

Spend Time Chatting Before Dating

Hold your horses, gentlemen! If you met your Japanese girl on a dating site, don’t rush her into going out on a date. Japanese women need more time to feel comfortable enough with men, so just take your time chatting online.

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Get to know each other first, either through chat or video call before meeting in person. They prefer men that take things slow and letting each other be comfortable with each other first.

So take the time in getting to know this Japanese lady. Just be patient and never rush them to go on a date with you.

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Expressing is Valuable

For Japanese girls, showing what you feel is a must. That’s because, in Japan, they prefer to have a deep mutual understanding with their partners compared to western ways where physical affection is the norm and done publicly.

Japanese women want their men to understand their feelings and actions and be more expressive with their feelings for them. Hence, the rare physical contact of couples you see in Japan and their movies. Be true to what you feel about your Japanese girlfriend and make her think that she’s important to you.

Honesty and Clarity

It’s a big deal for Japanese girls if you’re being honest and clear about your intentions and yourself. Don’t lie to her or even show off because you are also lying to yourself at this point. This tip is handy when you and your Japanese girl started off as online friends and kept constant communication online for some time.

It’s essential to be realistic from the start of getting to know each other online since you’re just showing her the surface of who you really are. How much more when you decide to meet this beautiful Japanese girl in person, and she gets to see the whole you ultimately. You’ll never regret being true to her and yourself.

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Respect Personal Space

Let her ease and give her time into getting used to being with you since Women in Asian countries like it this way, especially Japanese women.

This is the main difference when you compare eastern women to western women, with the former being more conservative than the latter. This tip goes along with tip #2, don’t rush and also don’t press your Japanese girl too much.

You will scare them with aggressiveness and surely will turn their backs on you, there’s a reason why there’s a getting-to-know stage in dating.

Family is Everything

Family is the center of attention and the central authority in Japanese culture. It’s like the Great Wall of China, it’s strong and has stood the test of time.

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If you meet Japanese girls and eventually date one of them, expect to be introduced to her family if the relationship is getting serious. Once this happens, make sure to make her parents like you because that will make her happy and assured that you’re both on the same ground as the relationship.

You don’t have to impress them so much, just be humble and respectful to them and their daughter.

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Also, Pay for Everything

Men pay for everything when dating in Japan, whether eating in a restaurant or riding a taxi, it’s your task to shoulder the expenses. So prepare to save a large amount of money in your wallet. Save for the photo booth, Japanese girls can handle that.

Paying money

That’s their culture. It is a must for men to pay, especially eating dinner at a restaurant. Remember that you shouldn’t and never offer to split the bills. There are also rare cases wherein some Japanese girls may ask you to buy something for her, while some may even ask what you do for a living or how much you’re earning as they will assess if you are capable of raising a family.


There you have it, you are now a gentleman equipped with the right knowledge in dating Japanese girls.

Now put it into action and start Japanese dating, just don’t forget these tips starting off with the easiest: speaking English. Then learn to speak Japanese, it doesn’t have to be so fluent because the locals will understand and are flexible in understanding basic Japanese.

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Get to know her through chat before going out, don’t rush. Let her know how you really feel and just be honest with her, these two tips go together for one cannot work for you correctly in dating Japanese girls without the other.

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