Must-Know Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

Filipino men are everywhere — both in the real world and the digital space. They are kind of hard to miss due to their unique features. 

One word that best describes them is the Filipino term makisig. The word consists of only seven letters, but it translates into many adjectives: handsome, elegant, intelligent, well-groomed, and respectful. 

Unfortunately, Filipino men are not always the first choice when it comes to the dating scene. Perhaps, it is because dating a Filipino man is like entering unfamiliar territory. Less is known about them as compared to other nationalities.

Nonetheless, dating one is not impossible. Allow us to give you a few tips for dating a Filipino man.

Do’s of Dating a Filipino Man

1. Endear yourself to their family

Most Filipino men are family-oriented. Their family structure often goes beyond the basic unit (parents and children), extending to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even distant relatives. 

When you date a Filipino man, you should be prepared to meet his family at some point in your relationship. Although being in a group of unfamiliar faces can be an overwhelming experience, you need not fret. 

One thing you can do to endear yourself to your Filipino man’s family is to show respect. You can start by learning how to say “po” and “opo” and avoiding calling the elders by their first names. 

Also, you should understand that his family can be nosy and may ask you many questions. Do not get annoyed. Instead, chitchat your way into their hearts — not to mention your Filipino man’s heart.

2. Be supportive

Careers are necessary for Filipino men. They fully understand that financial stability is one of the key ingredients to a long-lasting relationship. However, their life fulfillment is not only limited to money-making jobs. They also have dreams and aspirations they want to pursue, such as starting up a business or creating a band. 

Whatever it is and no matter how risky it seems, do not discourage him from the get-go. Rather, provide your encouragement and support. Assure him that you will still be beside him no matter what happens. 

Also, remember that supporting him does not necessarily mean saying yes to everything, but it means showing your interest. You can do so by making time to discuss the pros and cons of his plan.

3. Give them space

Filipino men are known for being hopeless romantics. You should prepare yourself for tons of corny sweet talks during dates and constant messages when you are apart. 

Still, you need to give him time for himself. Just like you, he also wants to have some alone time with his friends and even family. Unless it is urgent, you should avoid contacting him during his alone time. 

Keep in mind that space is important as it allows you and your partner to grow as individuals. Plus, it allows you to miss each other and have plenty to talk about once you are in each other’s arms.

4. Enjoy the little things

Monthsaries and anniversaries are monumental events that should be celebrated. However, Filipino men treasure the little things as well. 

Your Filipino man will go out of his way to make you feel special. He will carry your bag and take time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with you or talk to you over the phone. As one of our tips for dating a Filipino man, learn to enjoy and appreciate these little things. After all, big and small things make up a relationship. 

Although your Filipino man will not ask, you should return the favor. He will love it if you cook his favorite meals from time to time, even when there is no special occasion. 


Don’ts of Dating a Filipino Man

1. Don’t go fast

Tying the knot is the ultimate end game for every romantic relationship. However, many Filipino men believe they have much to do other than getting married in their mid-twenties to early thirties. 

So, if you are with a Filipino man, be prepared to go slow. You should focus on the plus side of going slow instead. For one, it will give you ample preparation time to plan out your married life. Also, rushing into matrimony may only lead to future problems, like incompatibility with lifestyle practices and personalities. 

2. Don’t be disrespectful

Filipino men find respectful women attractive. Being respectful comes in four ways. 

One, respect him. Do not put him in an uncomfortable situation, like forcing him to talk about something he is not yet ready to share with you. 

Two, respect the people around him. Filipino men highly value what their family and friends think. Thus, you should make a good impression. 

Three, respect the people around you. Be mindful of how you treat others, especially those inferior in social class standing than you. 

Last but equally important, respect yourself. Filipino men do not want women who pretend to like something they dislike for the sake of being liked. So, say no whenever you want. Also, be open and give him a piece of your mind when you feel hurt.

3. Don’t show distrust

Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship. If you have trust issues, you better think twice about dating a Filipino man. Filipino men hate it when they are being accused of something they did not do. 

Your Filipino man may be understanding at first, but he will not tolerate it. He may eventually grow tired if you always become suspicious of his actions and whereabouts, especially when he is taking some alone time. 

That said, never check his phone or open his social media accounts without his consent. If you want to clear your suspicions, ask him directly. 

4. Don’t be unmindful of Filipino culture

Interracial relationships are possible. In fact, there are many successful interracial relationships. You may ask, “How did they make it happen?” The answer is easy: They understand and respect their cultural differences. 

Filipino culture is different from Western and Asian cultures. Filipinos are highly religious. Your Filipino man may invite you to go to church with him on one of your dates. If you cannot go to church with him because of your religion, you should explain to make him understand. 

Besides this, Filipinos also take pride in their families. Your Filipino man may value what his family thinks of you. As such, you should find a way to make a positive impression. You can read more about the Filipino dating culture here.

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So, why date a Filipino man?

Filipino men may not be the first choice in the dating world, but they are perfect for filling the gap in your empty and lonely heart. Aside from our tips above, here are some of the benefits of dating a Filipino man:

1. They are family-oriented

Filipino men are closely tied to their families. They always make sure to be present on special occasions. If you date a Filipino man and marry him, you can be confident that he will put you and your family first.

2. They are raised to respect women

Most Filipino men maintain a healthy relationship with their mothers. Hence, they are called “mama’s boy.” However, being a mama’s boy is not a bad thing. Research has shown that men who have strong relationships with their mothers have better relationships with women.

3. They are determined

One of the best traits of Filipino men is their determination to achieve their goals. Once they set their minds on something, they do anything to get it. Dating a Filipino man will inspire you to be determined, too.

4. They are sensual

Filipino men show their love and appreciation not only in words but also in actions. They go to great lengths to make their woman feel loved. For example, you can expect a Filipino man to stay up late with you just to hear you talk.

5. They know how to balance play and work

Filipino men know that having a social life is as important as working. For this reason, you can expect your Filipino man to take you to lunch dates or make quick video calls despite his packed-up schedule. He may even surprise you with an out-of-town or out-of-country vacation.

6. They are loyal and committed

When a Filipino man loves you, he will stay loyal to you. No matter how many women he talks and interacts with at work, he only has his eyes set on you. He is committed to spending his life with you.

7. They are makisig

Filipino men are known for their dark skin, toned muscles, handsome facial features, intelligence, humor, and chivalry. 

Are you ready to fall in love with a Filipino man?

A Filipino man can whisk you off on a romantic adventure. Take these tips for dating a Filipino man to heart and experience a love life that brings you joy. 

Want to dip your toes into the dating scene first? Try online dating. Check out our tested strategies for online dating in the Philippines.

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