TrulyAsian: Site Features and How to Use Them

Looking for love has never been a piece of cake. But with the help of TrulyAsian’s awesome jam packed features, you’ll have a fun and stress free time while looking for your Asian beauty. Here are the TrulyAsian’s key features:


Are you too shy to send the first message? Don't worry. One of this dating site’s feature is that it allows you to send Interests to the user you’re fancying. It lets them know that you’re interested in making contact with them. That alone could be the start of a great conversation.

To send an interest, go to a member’s profile by using search or by checking out the list of currently online members

show interest step 1

and once you’ve arrived on their profile, click on Show Interests at the bottom of the page.

show interest step 2


Want to keep in touch with the member you like? The Favorite feature allows you to mark a member as one of your favorites and their profile would be then saved on the Favorites tab on the top right section of the screen. It’s the one with the star icon.

To mark a member as a favorite, go to a member’s profile by search or by checking out the list of currently online members

add favorite step 1

and once you’ve arrived on their profile, click on Add Favorite at the right-bottom section of the page.

add favorite step 2

Browse Profiles

When you have joined TrulyAsian, you can immediately and browse profiles from our ever expanding database full of beautiful single people. You’ll be able to look into their profile and photos!

browse profiles on TrulyAsian

Search Profiles

To look for a member who possesses the qualities you’re looking for in a lifelong partner, we have developed an Advanced search feature which would make it more easier for you to look for your ideal woman.

To start the search for your ideal match, click on the Search icon on the top right section of the page.

Search profiles step 1

Fill out the SEARCH MEMBERS form to let us know the qualities of the member you’re specifically looking for. You can either search for a specific member or if you’re still looking for a match, you can fill out the other information. Then click START SEARCH

Search profiles step 2

A series of suitable members will then be suggested based on the information you’ve provided.

Search profiles step 3

Share Photos

Showing of yourself is the best way to capture the attention of your fellow members on TrulyAsian and to do that, we have developed a Photo Sharing feature which allows you to upload your best looking photos. Only you have the control on who you want to share your private photos with.

To enjoy our Photo Sharing feature, upload your photos by going to your profile then click Add Photo on the bottom right section of the page.

Share photos step 1

If your chosen photo(s) pass these requirements, select the album in which your photos should be uploaded. The Public album can be viewed by everyone. The Private album, on the other hand, can only be viewed by the members who you shared it with through the Messaging feature.

Share photos step 2


Thinking of finally sending a message to the member you like? Don’t waste time and drop them a message now! TrulyAsian lets you exchange messages with your potential match. This feature doesn’t only allow you to exchange messages, but photos and emojis as well.

To send a message to a different member, go to that member’s profile and click on the Send Message button on the top bottom of the page.

Send message step 1

With TrulyAsian’s easy to use features and user friendly environment, looking for Asian singles is made easier and rather more enjoyable. Sign up for an account or download the TrulyAsian Android or iOs app today to get the experience Asian dating with us.