TrulyAsian: How It Works

Looking for love is never an easy task. Many aspects can hinder a person from finding love. Reasons such as being too busy with work, or perhaps they’re not confident enough to socialize. But don't worry, TrulyAsian is specially designed to help you find your perfect match with just a few clicks.

To understand how our Asian dating site works, here are a few tips:


Signup form of TrulyAsian on the mobile app

TrulyAsian makes sure that you experience the best Asian dating experience easily and without complications. The registration process is quite simple that you won’t have to spend a lot of time filling out forms. We want you to start dating right away.

But in order for you to join, we only ask for the most basic information like your email address, password, profile name, gender, age, and country. We also don’t require any email verifications so you’ll have more time setting up your profile and browsing potential matches.


Having a good and complete online dating profile would help us match you with members and attract potential matches. Once you’ve successfully created your TrulyAsian account, make sure you work on your dating profile.

basic, detailed and match descriptions forms for your profile

Use your best looking but recent photos and share a little something about yourself. Like your physical attributes, educational attainment, languages you speak, the type of relationship you’re looking for, and don’t forget your ideal match’s qualities as well.


TrulyAsian has two ways of browsing profiles.

One is to browse member profiles based on their last online activity. This helps you broaden your search and enables you to look at more profiles of Asian singles. This feature is great if you’re more open at meeting people without thinking of something particular in mind.

browsing members on TrulyAsian on the website and mobile app

The second way is to use the Advanced Search feature.

This works best if you already have an ideal match in mind. Simply tell us what you’re looking for by answering the questions. Please note that you don’t have to complete the form. Once you’re satisfied with what you answered, click or tap START SEARCH and we’ll show you a series of profiles that fits your criteria.

searching for potential matches on TrulyAsian on the website and mobile app

Looking for the perfect match on a dating site with thousands of members can be pretty exhausting but your search is now made easier. Just tell us the qualities you look for in a partner and we’ll do the rest.


Found someone who you think could be a good match for you? Great! Now it’s time to let them know about your interests. Getting in touch with the match of your dreams is just a click away with TrulyAsian.

chatting with members using translation and video chat

Send them a fun message that would surely grab their attention. Make the conversation more fun by sharing emojis and photos. You don’t have to worry with not being able to see your match while chatting anymore or even worry about not sharing the same language. Get the chance to see them face-to-face even though both of you are thousands of miles apart and easily translate their messages to the language that you’re most comfortable with.

TrulyAsian slogan

Meeting and dating people evolves through time and for this era, it has expanded along with technology. But because of it’s evolution, meeting and talking to people has been made easier even if each of you are on the opposite sides of the planet. With TrulyAsian, meeting new people is even made easier.