9 Tips on How To Date Asian Men

There are multiple dating tips and articles about dating Asian women but articles about dating Asian men are very scarce.

Why is that?

Is it because people only want to date Asian women but not the men?

Huff Post did an article about racism on dating apps where Asian men are one of the most less desirable matches online since more people would rather go for their Caucasian counterparts. This is definitely bad for Asian men wanting to try out their luck with online dating.

On the brighter side, it could be pretty good for you. How could it not? You’d have less competition and you’re sure that you’re meeting and interacting with attractive Asian guys online.

Now, you might be wondering how to date Asian men. Well, here goes….

Don’t approach them with a random Asian greeting

Just be yourself. You don’t have to speak an Asian language if you don’t know their exact nationality and race yet. They may have Asian-like features, but they are completely different people from different cultures.

woman saying hi

People usually assume that if they approach an Asian man in a traditional way, it would somehow grab their attention. Like for instance, you greeted a guy with “Konnichiwa” when he is actually Chinese. That sure is pretty awkward.

When you greet them, just say “Hi!”

Expect that Asian guys will always make the first move

Asian men are known for taking their time to confess their love. They usually think things over first and take relationships slow. This is because they want to make sure that the woman they are dating is actually the one they get to spend their life with.

man giving a flower

Asian guys are taught by their parents that before they settle down, they must be financially and mentally capable of providing the needs of their future family. When they’re in a committed relationship, they are in it for real. In some cases, they would even propose to you even if you two just started dating.

Though it’s important to remember that not all Asian men are like this.

Respect their beliefs and culture

We all have our own beliefs and culture. Each culture is rather unique and somewhat similar in some ways.

If you really want to date someone who grew up in a culture that is a polar opposite to yours, then make sure you respect his beliefs and traditions. But respect is shown in both ways. If you respect his country’s culture and traditions, you can also expect the same from him.

Maybe you are knowledgeable enough about his culture. But still, there are other things you may think you know but you are actually wrong. Stop trying to impress him with your cultural knowledge and pretend to be more Asian than him. Not all the things you heard, read, and studied about Asia are all true, others are only misconceptions.

Open up on each other’s cultures and you can expect to learn more about each other better.

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Eat with your own utensils

It doesn’t mean that because they’re Asians, they can only eat with chopsticks. They also know how to eat with a spoon, fork, and knife. Don’t pressure yourself to eat with chopsticks in an Asian restaurant if you really don’t know how.

So just use what utensils you are comfortable with. They will understand.

If you’re eating in an Asian restaurant, ask for a fork. It would be embarrassing if you force yourself to eat with chopsticks and you suddenly dropped that dumpling on your beautiful dress.

You wouldn’t want that, right?

person eating using fork

You don’t need to love spicy food

We all know that most Asians have a higher tolerance for spicy food. But it doesn’t mean that you should have it too. It’s definitely not worth the risk of spending your first date in the toilet just because you want to impress him. Just be honest if you are into spicy or not. They can always understand.

Be polite

Asian men are known for being polite. Traditional Asian families teach their children at a young age on how to show respect to the elderly. If you have seen Asian movies, you can witness how Asians act and speak towards older people.

people shaking hands

Make sure that while dating an Asian man, focus on your manners. You can do a little research about the proper etiquette and common manners being adapted by different Asian countries.

Don’t let him pay the bill all the time

They are known for being quick at grabbing the dinner bill without you noticing or at least give you a chance to reach for your wallet. It’s in the nature of Asian men to always reach for the bill every time they go out on a date.

woman saying no

Most Asians always fight over the bill because for them, whoever pays the check first is the wealthiest among the group. Compared to Western men, who are willing to have another 30-minute conversation while the bill is laying on the table.

Converse with them

Just like other normal guys, some Asian men are confident or too modest. When do they like a foreigner, they get nervous even by just making conversation with them.

Give him some time to get comfortable in your presence. To remove the awkwardness, you may start the conversation by asking them first date questions. Ask him about his home country, what it was like in there, what their culture is, etc.

man and woman are talking

Asking them about themselves makes it easier for them to be comfortable with you. It also lessens any awkward silences.

Think twice before you show him affection in public

Traditional Asian men show their love through their actions. Like taking you out on dates, always keeping in touch with you, giving you random gifts, etc. That’s how they prefer to show their love in public.

But PDAs like hugging, cuddling, and kissing doesn’t really roll on their plate. They prefer to show their affection in a more private setting. But they may steal the occasional kisses sometime and hold your hand.

man against public display of affection

It has always been a part of the Asian culture to be conservative when it comes to dating. Even now in this day and age, others are still uncomfortable seeing couples kiss in public. Though people are now more open-minded towards that.

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