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How To Do Thai Dating The Right Way

18 July 2018

Want to score perfectly with Thai dating? If you want to find a Thai woman whom you want to be your long-term girlfriend, take note of these helpful tips that you should know on how to do Thai dating the right way.

  1. Lower your Bad habits

    We all know that every woman has its own standards and preferences.

    In order to get that Thai woman’s heart, you must also adjust and change for the better.

    Just here us out!

    Thai women are just the same as other women who prefers to have a partner who doesn’t have vices such as being addicted to drugs, alcohol, and a womanizing. Like let’s be honest here, would any woman want to have a partner with bad habits? None!

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    So change for the better and be guaranteed that you can have a higher chances of finding a perfect match in Thailand.

  2. Be a Gentleman

    Every woman wants to have a gentleman as her boyfriend who respects and treats her as his top priority.

    You must take note that to be a gentleman, you must be the first one to arrive during your dates. You must respect for who she is and never break her trust. Stop complaining about certain non-sense things.

    a quote about being a gentleman never goes out of style

    Keep in mind that you should never invite her to a bar/clubs in your first date as it will give her an impression that you’re not serious and just wants to have fun with her.

    Never tell dirty jokes and swear out loud infront of her.

    Simple things matter to her just by holding her hand while walking together to give her security, opening the doors for her either in malls or in the car, and by driving her back home after your dates.

  3. Effort is a plus

    Thai woman wants to have a neat and well groomed partner. They are very conscious and practical with their looks so as to their partners. Keep in mind that she wants you to look good, so atleast make an effort to dress well whenever you go out on a date. It is her biggest pride that she is with you.

    effort is attractive

    While you’re not together, keeping in touch with her through messages, calls or e-mails will give her the assurance that you are very serious towards her. From time to time, give her something that she likes during your monthsaries or any random days just to make her feel special.

    Give her surprises by showing up infront of her house while bringing food for her whenever she is hungry or surprising her with a trip where she can relax is a big plus for effort.

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  4. Take it slow

    Whenever you suggested something, make sure that she will not get offended. Thai women are known for being gentle and conservative.

    If you are in a rush in your relationship, just take it slow. If ever sex is a very sensitive topic for her and she doesn’t really to talk about it then it’s best to just look for the perfect moment. You will get there sooner if you showed her that you are deserving to receive her trust.

    It is a horrifying thing to do if you ask her out to bed after your first date and telling her your Pattaya adventures. She will worry that you will end up making naughty tricks soon. Try to think about it first wether you want to get serious in your relationship before you let her introduce you to her parents. Once she introduces you to her folks, it means the relationship is getting serious and her parents will expect a marriage pretty soon.

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    So take it slow and know their culture first.

  5. Accept and know her more

    In every relationships, you will always experience the lowest part of it. It is not always rainbows and butterflies with her.

    let's get to know each other better meme

    Since you are having an interracial relationship, it is a must to know and accept the other person’s cultural differences. There may be acts and conversation that your date might find disrespectful and immoral, but if you want to get serious with her you must know their culture and language.

    Respect and understand if there are things which she won’t allow you to do.

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  6. Enjoy and be loyal to her

    If you really love her and you are already at the point where both of you are getting serious, make sure you stay loyal and faithful to her. You must make sure to never break her trust. It is very hard to get her trust back once it’s broken.

    cheers for a happy and unforgettable dating

    Enjoy and have fun whenever you are out on a date. Cherish all the happy memories that you have in your relationship so that you have something for keeps.

Dating a Thai woman may be hard, but if you have followed this useful tips everything will subside and your relationship will run smoothly.

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