Dating Filipino Singles: How To Be In A Relationship With A Filipino

For dating Filipino singles, you have to be fully committed to being in a relationship. Traditionally, in the Philippines, courtship or ”Panliligaw” is done to woo women. It all has to start with permission to ask someone if they are open to a relationship or not. Then, everything will follow. 

A large number of Filipinos want deeper emotional intimacy when it comes to romantic relationships. For most of them, dating is equivalent to being in a relationship. However, in a general aspect, dating sometimes does not require specific expectations for certainty and stability. And, that is what you want to avoid because Filipinos fear that thought. 

Here are the things to help you be in a relationship with a Filipino:

Be a gentleman 

Even though we are already in the 21st century, being a gentleman still charms most people, including Filipinas. Always create a reason to make her smile.  

The following little things can wow her: 

  • If you open the door for her.
  • When you hold her hand, especially if you sense she’s afraid.
  • Offering your jacket or sweatshirt when she feels cold 
  • When you display politeness in public, such as helping an old lady cross the street, etc. 
  • Staying calm in the most challenging situations, a gentleman does not raise one’s voice.
  • Lastly, keep your word to keep her faith.

Be close to their family

People say, when courting a Filipina, it is like courting the entire family. It means you have to get the permission of the parents to date their daughter. It is a way to get approval for a long-lasting relationship. 

Moreover, Filipinos are family-oriented, and most come from big and prominent families; you have to show respect starting from their parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Just remember that you should not hesitate to meet their family because it’s a culture for Filipino families to see if someone is a good fit for their daughter or son. Meeting them does not necessarily mean that you are getting married. 

Pay homage to their culture

The Filipino culture comprises the traditional Filipino culture and the mixture of Spanish and Catholic culture. For dating Filipino singles, you must expect that Pinoys tend to hold onto variations of traditions, customs, social values, and beliefs solidly. 

Filipinos have a rich culture in every way possible. About meeting the family, one custom that is always present in family gatherings is the practice of “mano.” It is the Spanish term for hand. It is done by bowing down toward the person (precisely an elder), then taking their hand and pressing it on your forehead.

Most Filipinos are proud of what they have, and that includes their traditions. Hence, It would help if you consistently apply and appreciate their culture. It will take your relationship to places. 

Be considerate of their religion

The Philippines is composed of different religions and Catholicism being dominant. There’s a more significant possibility that the Filipino you will date is going to be religious. 

Though not everyone has spiritual and religious beliefs, and that is understandable. However, while dating Filipino singles, you should accept that most of them were raised with such values. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and accept that they have their right to believe, even though you don’t agree with them. 

Subsequently, a tip for you is to read up viewpoints of the religion they might have. Most importantly, be present with an open mind and heart to achieve a happy relationship with a Filipino.

Be polite 

Filipinos always try to be polite, so you have to return that favor. There are tons of ways to impress someone with politeness. Hence, examples are having proper hygiene and greeting people. 

Like other countries, most Filipinos are very keen to table manners, so always be armed by doing your research. Firstly, Don’t get discouraged by how Pinoys eat. It is a usual practice for them to eat with their hands. Second, it is customary to offer food to people even if you do not mean to share your food. 

Another point is that Filipinos love humor; however, you have to deliver it without offending them. Always know the boundaries and the right language.

Be thoughtful

You always have to pay attention to your partner. It is how you show care and sympathy to them. One way of displaying thoughtfulness is by giving compliments, which will make people feel special and, at the same time, comfortable with you. And for newer relationships, it is an effective ice breaker. 

If you are a dating Filipino single, you should be compassionate by showing concern to whatever they do. Always consider their feelings by knowing where they are from and what they have gone through. It will make them feel special. Likewise, being understanding can melt tender-hearted people. Many Filipinos are known to be warm and loving, thus thinking about their needs will take you to another level.  


Be generous 

Generosity is an essential ingredient in building a trusting relationship. It is related to the trait of kindness that generates the sharing of love, care, and understanding of any relationship. It is a positive habit that partners should do. After all, receiving gifts is part of the love language. 

In Filipino traditions, pasalubong are souvenirs or gifts you can bring when visiting family or friends. This practice can be utilized in a romantic setting, as well. You can consider this as Filipino dating etiquette. 

Thus, if you want to impress a Pinoy, you can always start by gifting them. It doesn’t need to be luxurious, just a bar of chocolate or anything small can flatter them. They are appreciative, and they believe that it is the thought that counts. You can find the perfect gift for your special someone on, an online platform to send cute and adorable gifts in Phillippines. 

Be open about your passion.

Most singles in the Philippines are very curious. They want to know almost everything about a person, even on the first date. By merely sharing the things you love and enjoy to do can give them a glimpse of trust. 

On top of that, being true to yourself and your partner can mean that you are committed to making things work in your relationship. That is what most Pinoys are looking for commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. 

Be curious 

In conjunction with being open about your passion, you have to do the same thing for them. You should be curious too. It creates a stronger bond between you and your partner. 

You must consider this since it is a form of healthy communication in a relationship. When both of you share things you are passionate about, each of you can inspire and push each other to become better versions of yourselves. 

Be romantic

In dating Filipino singles, being romantic is always a plus. Most Filipinos like anything sweet, and romance is like the sugar to the tea.

If you are sweet, it will likely attract anyone romantically. After all, love has to be constant in the universe, which essentially means that to have a successful relationship, you always have to include a combination of romance and excitement in love. 

Have a hobby

For dating Filipino singles, it is beneficial if you have a hobby. It could be a recreational activity that you can both do together; this could be dancing, singing, or sports. Let’s talk about singing since karaoke is famous in Asia; it is a big thing in the Philippines. It is usually present in gatherings or even on regular days because it is a family-friendly activity all around the country. 

Filipinos create unique connections when they are singing. It is the perfect activity to get close to someone you love. So, even though you are not good at it, just doing karaoke with them makes it remarkable. Do hesitate to show off that hidden talent.

Stay focused

Knowing what you want to achieve in a relationship is vital. That is why you always have to remind yourself what you truly want in a relationship. Do you want it to be an endgame or just a fling? 

If you want it to have a long-lasting one, focus on things that can make your relationship happy. Make it full of surprises by being fun and playful with each other. Plan things that can help you stay in focus, it could be surprising to them with flowers or booking a lunch date or dinner date unexpectedly. 

Be patient  

Patience is the way to display how you value your relationship. The saying “Patience is a virtue” always applies when dating a Filipino. Do not show them how badly you want your relationship to move to the next level. Taking things slowly at the start of a relationship is always the way to go. Just remember that courtship lasts months and even years. Therefore, be patient, and you’ll get rewarded. 

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Be positive 

Filipinos are known to be optimistic. They tend to cover up negative situations with a smile. It is one of their most endearing traits in facing challenging circumstances. So, to make your connection work with a Filipino, always try to have a positive attitude. At any rate, being positive makes any relationship contented and lively. Starting now, always be positive to get that yes. 

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