How to Meet Single Japanese Women: The Ultimate Dating Guide

The dating scene for Japanese women and those aspiring for them worldwide has become more and more exciting. The dating pools aren’t confined anymore to family and friends.

More and more destinations like cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants have risen and become encouraging settings to meet single Japanese women. Online, social networking sites, dating sites, and communication applications have made it possible to connect digitally while keeping experiences authentic.

If you haven’t already, it is time for you to explore the Japanese dating scene. If you have checked it out but the experience has not been positive, we give you the must-knows about how to meet single Japanese women so you can finally have the Asian beau of your dreams.

How to Date a Japanese Woman

Beyond the kawaii face and shy smile, Japanese women are driven by profound moral principles and values. The omoiyari culture is the uniquely Japanese way of living that centers on respect and focuses on the common good rather than oneself. This value encompasses all aspects of their lives, including dating.

Whether it is casual or serious, Japanese women give importance to genuine connection rather than shallow relations based only on physical attraction. 

To know more about what it’s like to date a Japanese girl, read TrulyAsian’s take on dating in Japan.

Pros of Dating Japanese Women

Pros of Dating Japanese Woman

Japanese women are resolved.

It is convenient to date a Japanese woman. Unlike most girls, Japanese women have well-defined preferences. They value their own and others’ time and efforts, and Japanese women would always make the best out of every date. 

Japanese women are straightforward. 

Japanese women are candid in their romantic relationships. They will confess (called “Kokuhaku”) their feelings and promptly wait to be accepted, so the relationship becomes official. Japanese women are also vocal if they have plans to marry or have kids. This trait is especially very useful so the right expectations are set at the beginning of the relationship and met as the dating phase deepens.

Cons of Dating Japanese Women

Japanese women are conforming.

While Japanese women are expressive about their intentions and hopes in the relationship, they can be traditional in expressing their opinions and wants. This tendency is known as “honne” and “tatemae.” “Honne” being their real feelings and desires, and “tatamae” is what they show in public instead. Of course, the objective is to be polite and respectful. However, it may impede developing relationships because it may confuse. This is a concern usually seen between couples of different languages and cultures.


The Japanese people aren’t racist. But, a considerable number do have stereotypical views about foreigners. 

Some stereotypes are flattering but aren’t necessarily good for sincere relationships. For example, because of the mainstream media glorifying white men in movies or how the fashion industry ultimately dictates white men flawless, some Japanese women “idolize” white westerners. In dating, this can be particularly frustrating for those who are forced into a pigeonhole. 

This is notably common in Gaijin bars, where Japanese women visit to go out with foreigners only because of stereotypical racial views.

Tips for Dating Japanese Women

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Maximizing your assets and turning obstacles into opportunities

Be dressed to the nines.

Getting ready to embark on your Japanese dating experience and wondering,  “How can I impress a Japanese girl?” You might be surprised how simple the first step is.

To start, note that Japanese people are tidy. Aside from good hygiene, wearing clean, ironed clothes is one way for them to show respect to all the people they encounter. This does not mean you need to be in daring or expensive clothing. 

In-person, meet your date in fresh and appropriate apparel. Online, choose the pictures of you in clean, chic attire.

Be earnest and forthright.

Complement the Japanese women’s candor with sincerity. Be as honest about your hopes about the date, what you think and feel about your connection,  and let her know if you are serious about the relationship. 

Mutual understanding secures a good foundation, and setting up jointly-agreed expectations will guarantee a lasting romance.

Make an effort to bridge communication and cultural differences.

Because most Japanese women tend to be conservative and traditional, you must always be ready to accommodate certain practices and accept differences. 

Work on your communication. Learn basic Japanese if you can. It helps for better conversations and shows your commitment to bond. Study it with professional help and never from anime, manga, and the like. This entertainment media is not reflective of how Japanese women speak and behave in real life.

Adequate communication also encourages openness. It conveys that there is no need for “tatemae,” and it is okay to convey their “honne.”

Stay genuine.

Portraying yourself differently than your true self is never a good idea. You might get tempted to follow popular trends to attract more women, but know that it will definitely attract the wrong women.  

All women have proclivities. The Japanese women who prefer to date Japanese men exceed those who are open to foreigners. The number sharing the preference is secondary, though. Focus on the asset that certain Japanese women, though few, will find interesting in having a relationship with you.

Take advantage of the stereotypical views of Japanese society by emphasizing your distinct, appealing characteristics. For instance, foreign men are viewed as self-willed, impatient, and aggressive. By contrast, show that while you are protective of your rights, you are respectful of laws. Demonstrate that you are passionate about pursuing your girl but also able to express your affections gently. 

Secure a second date by remaining thoughtful of social norms like conveying your fondness without scandalous physical contact in public places.

Continue to better yourself.

The Japanese working culture is extreme. It has become normal to the Japanese people, and they expect you to be the same.

Japanese women are drawn to doers and recognize social status. For them, men must be financially secured and respected in the community.

Also, the Japanese do not have rigid gender roles that the rest of Asia seems to observe. The women are expected to work as hard, and it’s anticipated for the men to do domestic chores. Even after marriage, men are expected to plan family weekend getaways, gardening, and help in household chores.

Bonus Tip: You have to be proactive.

Japanese women are polite and easy to make friends with. In venues for socialization, you can approach them without any judgment. Yes, it can be that easy! Risking rejection isn’t as hard with Japanese women compared to westerners. Even if they aren’t interested, they would respectfully decline and be enthusiastic when they are attracted. A spark happens relatively faster in the Japanese dating scene. You just have to be proactive. 

Where to Meet Single Japanese Women Online

In Japan, people tend to stick to their social circles, so unless a common family or friend or a colleague from work introduced you, you will have low chances of getting a date.

If you are one of the many asking, “How do I meet Japanese singles?” and “Where can I meet Japanese singles?” take note of the following list of what dating apps do Japanese use.

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Top 3 Japanese Dating Apps and Sites

Know where to meet single Japanese women.


According to studies, sexual aversion is the number one sexual problem among Japanese women, accounting for almost half of the research participants. If this leads you to speculate whether there is hookup culture in Japan, the short answer is yes. Yes! You can still find single Japanese women who are interested in casual and experimental dating. 

Tinder, maybe the largest dating site online, is the best platform for those looking for short-term commitments. 

It is effortless, and you would not need to decipher signs she may or may not reciprocate you. Tinder has popularized swiping to represent a yes and no to users. A match happens when both users “like” each other’s profiles.

OkCupid Japan

OkCupid Japan is also one of the best sites where to meet single Japanese women. Contrary to Tinder, this site and its corresponding app provide users with more information than just a photo. Compatibility matches are more accurate and precise because of its detailed sign-up questionnaire.


TrulyAsian is the most sensible site and app to meet Japanese singles. It is safe because of its stringent profile verification process, so you do not have to worry about fake profiles and scammers. The site’s interface is direct and straightforward. It is easy to sign up and secure your profile and customize it to highlight your best attributes. It gives all users parallel importance, so you can conveniently browse through numerous profiles in one view.

TrulyAsian also has a Search feature for users who are purposeful and specific. This site and its partner app heartily support interaction with its messaging, video chat, Show Interest, and translation tools. Personality and relationship questions boost your matching fortune and assure compatibility. Best of all, it is free to join.

Conclusion – How to Meet Single Japanese Women

The world is changing. One’s need for love and connection, on the other hand, has remained eternal. 

Romance is an essential part of life. It is embedded into man’s being and is the drive that compels him to love. To experience it is joy, and fulfillment is actuality. Amid the world’s restlessness and noise, it is human instinct to find home in a person.

Intimate relationships may demand lots of attention, heaps of patience, and a wealth of understanding, but it is what makes it an adventure. A priceless adventure. It is a journey you must indulge in.

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