• TrulyAsian Dating an Indian Single—Refresher Tips and Tricks!

    Dating an Indian Single—Refresher Tips and Tricks!

    Dating an Indian single is easier said than done. There are underlying cultural differences that are so deep that only a whole lot of patience, a bag load of understanding, and a brave heart could conquer. Currently dating an Indian single, or are planning to date one from the country? This month’s blog will be your savior! This month, let’s go on and learn the ins and outs of dating an Indian local in the modern world. Let’s tackle the absolute no-nos and the ones that are true for you as much as for them. But, first, let’s take a brief glimpse at their dating customs. Gender Norms The topic…

  • TrulyAsian Why the Second Date Matters More

    Why the Second Date Matters More

    We are all wired to look for our perfect person, and this is why we take first dates oh so seriously—instead of the second date. There's been so much ink spilled around people's panic during their first dates that others often give it more credit than it actually deserves. First dates are, in this era where we get to screen each other on dating apps and social media, widely glorified. True, emotions and expectations are at their peak during the first dates. But they're neither perfect nor terrible; they're somewhere in between. While first dates are a hit-and-miss excursion, singles that genuinely look for love should prepare for the second…

  • TrulyAsian Got a Feminist Asian Date Follow These Tips

    Got a Feminist Asian Date? Follow These Tips

    Dating an Asian feminist can be a challenge. It might feel like a minefield at times where you find a simple conversation blow up into a massive fight without prior notice. We’re here to tell you: it might be your fault. Sometimes, anti-feminists or regular men simply say things they didn’t think were insensitive, to begin with. You might feel that thing you said was harmless, but in actuality, it might be an outright disrespect against women. We don’t a hundred percent blame you for that. The world is still slowly getting out of the patriarchal bubble and soaking in the age of feminism. While many people are now pushing…

  • TrulyAsian 12 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for your Asian Date

    12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Asian Date

    When shopping for the best Valentine’s day gifts, others look for presents like it’s part of their typical day. While, some still need to weigh many things before punching the check-out button. If you belong to the latter part of the spectrum, we got you covered! Gift-giving has always been a challenge for many. Picking that perfect present that’s both meaningful, cool, and practical is never an easy feat. But, we made the whole experience easier for you. This Valentine’s, let’s talk about gifts and why choosing the perfect present is necessary. Without a doubt, our gift guides will be something you’ll enjoy or make you cry, “Eureka! 12 Best…

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