Dating an Indian Single—Refresher Tips and Tricks!

Dating an Indian single is easier said than done. There are underlying cultural differences that are so deep that only a whole lot of patience, a bag load of understanding, and a brave heart could conquer.

Currently dating an Indian single, or are planning to date one from the country? This month’s blog will be your savior!

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This month, let’s go on and learn the ins and outs of dating an Indian local in the modern world. Let’s tackle the absolute no-nos and the ones that are true for you as much as for them. But, first, let’s take a brief glimpse at their dating customs.

Gender Norms

The topic of gender norms in Indian society is quite broad. But, for context, traditional Indian women place men above them. They do everything for men: their choice of words, clothing, and activities.

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Men, in turn, act like they’re the strongest person in the room for two reasons: (1) to impress a woman they’re courting and (2) to make them feel safe, although they basically don’t need saving.

Additionally, conventional Indian dating customs side more on men than women. They prioritize men’s feelings and priorities over women’s. Also, for other Muslim locals, it’s taboo to date or for women to go out with a guy unchaperoned.

How to win an Indian single’s heart?

While there are some traces of traditional gender roles in India, many modern locals are pushing for gender equality nowadays. They aim for a more egalitarian society that appreciates progressiveness and respects religion and tradition.

And, if you’re dating an Indian single, you’d need to up your game. Here are the things you could take note of that your date will find really attractive in you:

1. Have an open mind

Dating an Indian, someone from a totally different walk of life—with whom you don’t share the same language or heritage—could be a trial and error experience. And, this is why it is so important to be understanding in any interracial or interfaith romances.

When dating an Indian single, be open-minded. Leave your unnecessary comments and toxic views by the doorstep. Finally, be respectful all the time.

2. Master the art of compliments

Complimenting your date’s dress or his clever mind reinforces positive emotions. It helps them see and appreciate the good around them and the things they still wish to develop moving forward.

Giving praises to your Indian date would be like music to their ears. Your date would greatly appreciate them as the compliments would raise their spirit and grow their confidence.

3. Don’t oversell nor undersell yourself

No one wants a dating partner that blows their own horns. So, don’t be braggart when you’re on a date. Don’t brag about having a new car or house, and most definitely don’t brag about the wealth you didn’t work hard acquiring.

There’s a difference between being confident and being a plain show-off. While it’s essential to be confident, you don’t have to paint yourself the loser either. Just be calm and subtle with everything.=

Don’t focus all the spotlight on yourself. Let the other person take the shine. Once you reach a particular level of comfort, you can be at ease and joke about how great you are at certain things. This way, you’re not overselling nor underselling yourself.

4. Mind your manners

Respect is the ultimate rule in any dating manual—this goes true whether or not you’re in an interracial relationship. 

Hence, when dating an Indian single, learn to put your best foot forward. Be polite with a restaurant or staff and never do side flirting with anyone while you’re on a date. Should you feel like the date’s not going anywhere, tell them politely about it.

5. Avoid PDAs

Like anywhere else, India has a ‘moral police.’ They’re your trusted neighbors that form in clusters, constantly speaking in hush voices and ridiculing those who do ‘immoral things’ like PDA (public display of affection). Without a doubt, these ‘concerned’ neighbors are a pain in the neck.

But, it’s more of a challenge for couples in India. The country has stricter rules towards PDA—other pairs are being beaten when seen engaging in it.

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When dating an Indian, self-restraint is always crucial. Anyone from India could wrongly read something as simple and innocent as a kiss on the cheek. If you think your date’s really hot, wait to be alone in a room or be with friends that genuinely accept your situation.

6. Be sensitive with your set of questions

Throwing back and forth personal and topical questions is fundamental to learning each other’s character. It lets you see a peak of them and them in you.

However, this doesn’t give you the pass to just spur out any question that comes to mind. Be mindful of your questions. Recognize its sensitivity and how it may affect the mood should you ask it.

7. Be spontaneous and fun

Keep up a great conversation when going on a date for the first time with an Indian single. Whether you’re a man or a woman, attempt to initiate discussions and keep the ball rolling. Remember that Indians, especially women, are inherently reserved, so making them talk first would be a long shot.

On the date, don’t talk about your exes either. Instead, talk about your family or hobbies. If you wish to hook your Indian date, converse about societal matters or world events—they’d prefer to discuss profound and topical issues. Whatever you do, keep the mood light, honest, and positive.

8. Split the bill or cover it?

Indian culture is as strong as day and night. Although it emphasizes gender roles and women taking a step back while men offer to pay for dinner, it will not always be the case. Not everyone will appreciate this custom.

Many feminist Indian women today believe in equal treatment between all genders—equality where they can feel that they can buy their own meals.

While you may have great intentions for offering to foot the bill, many women today may hate you for doing that. Hence, let them have a say about the matter and learn to ask always.

9. Put your phone down!

The whole point of dating an Indian single is to give them your undivided attention and, hopefully, get theirs in return. It is not to text your friends, scroll the net for the latest Diet Prada posts, or to have a feel of your current date so you can set them up with someone else. Being glued to your phone all night is Just. Plain. Rude.

10. Take your local date with a pinch of salt

It’s so easy to listen to preconceived notions about a person or a culture. This technique may work in your favor if you’re gathering ideas about what they’re like from the get-go.

But, if you genuinely wish to know your date personally, you’d have to ditch all your biases and simply try to get to know them. Don’t be shy to ask them real, respectful questions—no, they won’t be a pain about it. Anyone who’s been thrown pure, curious questions and acts attacked are just a seasoned dramatic!

Got everything you need?

Unlearning everything you believed and rediscovering India may seem like a huge feat, but when you’re ready to meet singles in India, you will realize that everything’s worth the struggle. Carry with you everything you’ve learned thus far, leave more room for new knowledge, and don’t be afraid to embrace the Indian dating culture while you do. Good luck and have fun!

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