• what to expect when dating a korean man

    What to Expect When Dating a Korean Man

    Nowadays, most women are in awe of the themes of love and relationships Korean men portray in dramas, movies, and K-pop songs. It’s one of the reasons women tend to be interested in meeting and dating one.  Dating Korean men is fascinating. They are irresistible, humble, diligent, and hardworking. Korean men also possess a gentleman aura, cute charm, and attractive looks women can’t resist.  There are various things you need to expect and know about Korean men before you plan to pursue them. If you want to understand them better, then you’ve come to the perfect page. Listed below is our guide to getting you started.  Characteristics of Korean Men…

  • dating in south korea as a foreigner

    Dating in South Korea as a Foreigner

    On estimate, there are 1.98 million foreigners in South Korea. It has been increasing for five years before diving due to the pandemic. The number of immigrants, long-term visitors, and other short-term visitors will expectedly continue rising when restrictions are lifted, hopefully after the COVID-19 crisis is resolved. South Korean society is described to be shifting into a multicultural community. In fact, South Koreans and foreigners have efficiently lived together with some adjustments without sacrificing their respective identities and culture.  Indeed, South Korea has given the world a great example to follow. It continues to be an inclusive society with locals and foreigners working, traveling, dating, and marrying happily together.…

  • dating south korean women

    Dating South Korean Women: What You Need to Know

    South Korean women are among the most beautiful girls in the world. Naturally medium-built with cute faces and rosy cheeks, they are simply irresistible. But their smooth snow-white skin, ebony hair, and expressive eyes are only bonuses to the unique characteristics they have.  Here’s all you need to know about dating South Korean women. Characteristics of South Korean Women 1. South Korean women are family-oriented Family is most important in South Korean culture. The collectivist folkways have been kept alive through generations and are still practiced to this very day.  One of the key values of South Koreans is that the “face” or reputation of one member affects the rest…

  • tips for dating a filipino man

    Must-Know Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

    Filipino men are everywhere — both in the real world and the digital space. They are kind of hard to miss due to their unique features.  One word that best describes them is the Filipino term makisig. The word consists of only seven letters, but it translates into many adjectives: handsome, elegant, intelligent, well-groomed, and respectful.  Unfortunately, Filipino men are not always the first choice when it comes to the dating scene. Perhaps, it is because dating a Filipino man is like entering unfamiliar territory. Less is known about them as compared to other nationalities. Nonetheless, dating one is not impossible. Allow us to give you a few tips for…

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