5 Asian Dating Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Scammers are everywhere nowadays, especially on Asian dating sites. Getting more rampant over the years, online dating scams mainly target those they see who have lonely hearts and deep wallets.

These scammers have caused people who were just looking for love to lose a lot of money and broken hearts.

Fake romance doesn’t only happen in movies and soap operas, it’s adapting with high-technology making it easier for dating scams to reach people and to be executed correctly. This leaves a bad taste for online dating websites.

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In Asia, online dating is prevalent, and one of the easiest ways to find friends and lovers. Here, online dating scammers prey on someone they see lonely and eager to find love. Once they see their prospect, they will then connect and form an emotional bond with this person.

This is just to gain their trust, some even going great lengths like sharing their false personal information and sending gifts. After these criminals have locked in the trust they need, they will then inquire how much this person is earning and ask for money.

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Asian dating scam’s illegal activity may not seem obvious to you, but there is only one key not to be scammed, and that is to have awareness. We cannot avoid scammers online, but we can prevent ourselves from being catfished and falling into their traps.

Because of how widespread this problem is for our society, TrulyAsian is helping everyone in the online dating community on how to be aware of and prevent Asian dating scams. Ready your minds, pen and paper or even bookmark this article on your browser because the following tips are essential if online dating’s your thing.

Mutual Connection

Asian dating scams commonly start with the scammer contacting you either through online dating websites, social media, or email. After that, they will claim that both of you have a mutual connection, be it a familiar friend or a common interest.

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These kinds of people will try their very best to get what they want, befriending you, and earning your trust, which is very hard to earn these days. So, imagine how skillful and deceitful these people can be. Such conversations should always be dismissed at once. You also should never add that person on any social media sites to prevent getting scammed.

Intimate Activity

This is another way of scamming, and it’s common in long-distance relationships.

Scammers pretend to be from Asia whose primary targets are western men in Asian dating websites or apps, then add you on multiple social media sites to seem legit-looking in your eyes.

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Courtship period ensues between you and the scammer, next thing you know he or she will request to see you via webcam and perform intimate acts – never give in to these demands. Of course, you won’t see their end as they’ll pretend to have a broken webcam.

When they successfully do this, you’ll find yourself in a blackmailing scheme wherein the scammer threatens to spread your “recorded” intimate act to all your mutual online friends unless money is sent into their accounts.

Spelling and Grammar

When someone in the online community, especially in Asian dating websites, claims they come from an English-speaking country or university-educated, but their English and grammar are very poor, then you have yourself an Asian scammer.

Not being judgemental, but it doesn’t take an English major to spot poorly written and vague sentences in their profile description and messages. Always be aware of spelling and grammar mistakes plus inconsistent stories from these predators. They would even profess excessive romantic interest at a very early stage of your communication.

An opened book

This is definitely an online dating red flag. Hence, one should be wary at all times if something about their English seems off to you.


This one is a bit tricky. If someone’s profile description or message is too tidy and read too well, be suspicious.

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Scammers who are much eager to swindle money from people often copy content from other dating profiles or websites to make it look legit.

A top tip for this kind of scenario is to do your own cut-and-paste. Cut or copy their content and run it through an internet search engine to see if there are matches or contents close to theirs. If there are, don’t bother replying to their messages or even accept friend requests from these thieves.

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Weird Links

Have you ever seen shady ads on websites that say “get rich in seconds” or “want to get bigger?” Chances are you’ll be redirected to the websites of these shady ads if you ever happen to click the weird links on a scammer’s dating profile.

While legit users post links to their favorite artists, sports teams or interests, scammers do otherwise. They fill their dating profiles with links that are weird enough when you read their URL. You may even be looking at X-rated websites, isn’t that weird enough?

Double Time

Here comes the creepiest part. After just a few weeks of constant communication along with their professed “strong” feelings for you, scammers will do everything in their power to accelerate the “romance” you have with him or her by showering you with heaps of compliments and beautiful words that maybe you haven’t even heard before from your previous relationships.

Double Time

Scammers also share stories of their lives they claim they never shared with anyone else but you. If that’s scary to you, what’s even more frightening is when they start to ask for a small amount of money for what could be an outrageous made-up story, like a family member involved in an accident or they were recently robbed and needed money from you to be transferred right away.

If money starts to get involved, leave your chat room and block that person.


As experts say, prevention is better than cure. All these tips that TrulyAsian laid out for you will be of big help when online dating scams come your way. These will surely prevent you from having an empty bank account and most notably, the trauma of deceit and a broken heart.

Double-checking dating profiles will take nothing from you. It will only save you from spending time, money, and effort over a thief that deserves no attention from someone so innocent who is only looking for love.

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