5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Not Working For You

Reasons why online dating is not working for you

After liking several profiles and sending numerous messages, are you still waiting for a response? You get to ask yourself why online dating is not working for you. Your patience is admirable, no doubt. But there is a better way to go forth in online dating instead of just waiting.

You need to identify why online dating is not working for you and revamp your methods accordingly. This guide will help you retrospect and elevate your online dating game, step-by-step. Let us start with the basics first.

Online dating is not as plain as picking dates in a bar or a cafe. It is different. You need to pull up your digital game here. Make the world aware of your smooth, delightful, and attractive personality you have. If you are doing it, and still not getting enough response, you are not doing it right.

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Not Working for You

In this day and age, where both estrogen and testosterone are at the brim, online dating is not just a process now; it has matured as an art. Those who know it have become dating artists, whereas others still lie in the blurry horizon of the online dating world.

This guide can transform you into an expert in building relations digitally. So without further ado, let’s delve into the reasons quickly.

1. You take your dating profile for granted

You took your dating profile for granted in online dating

We live in a world where the abundance of time is a scarce asset. Therefore, it might not be wrong for you to jump straight into the dating game. But, that’s where you need to hold your horses and create a dating profile that summarizes you precisely as you are.

To improve your online dating game, your profile is the primary key. Think of it as your resume, but the one with an informal tone. Therefore, let us identify the components that make a profile irresistible.


Imagine buying a T-shirt from Amazon without its image?

Would you purchase it?

No, right?

Do you know why?

It is because you would not be sure if the product is credible. Similarly, an image makes your profile trustworthy. Now, you must use an image that highlights your face and delights the viewer with your smile.

A cheerful smile can work wonders for folks in the online dating world. But just don’t do it in excess as it may creep them out. Just be subtle and look confident in the picture.

Description or Bio

On any dating app, your description speaks for your personality. Today, it is a common opinion that images can be elusive. So when a viewer wants to paint your character in their minds, they consider both picture and description. 

Remember, your description should resonate with your profile picture. Try to make it short, sweet, and humorous at the same time, while making it unique to your personality.

Now that we have covered the basic profile let us delve deeper into why your online dating method is not working.

2. You didn’t provide details

You did not mention details in online dating

Your dating profile does not limit to profile picture and brief. Online dating websites, like Truly Asian and others, offer many options to portray your character. 

These dating channels allow users to showcase their physical, professional, and social traits in the profile. Besides, there are provisions to set your match preferences as well. These may sound simple, but they have a profound impact on your profile viewers. It gives them an insight into your true nature and allows them to judge if you would be a better choice.

In the online dating scenario, choices are plenty. A little extra detail can incline your admirer’s romantic tilt towards you. For example, smokers vibe well with other smokers. Similarly, stating what you are looking for – be it a relationship or marriage – can attract those who want the same.

The foundation of a long relationship can only be built on common ground, as the traditional saying goes. Until you make that ground visible, how can you expect responses?

Hence, in the orb of online dating, always highlight every tiny detail, which lets you share a common ground with your significant other. 

3. You spam people with messages

You spam messages

I understand. You want to make most of it. You want to leverage every second to get a date. It’s alright; you did what you figured was right. But if the results were not the way you expected. Here is what you can do now.

Stop Spamming Messages – Please!

Writing a trail of hi, hello, hey, hola, etc. will not receive as many responses as sending a personalized message. Always customize your opening message according to what the person’s profile says and what they look like.

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People, especially women, receive a lot of boring “hi”s and “hello”s on dating apps and social media websites. If you want to stand out here, you will have to make the first move in a unique and personal way that she won’t be able to miss.

On the other hand, spamming messages undermines the credibility of your profile. It presents you as a fake person or one who uses the dating apps for possibly shallow motives. Conversely, personalizing your message shows that you are genuinely interested and ensures prompt responses from the other side.  

4. You seem desperate

You were desperate in online dating

Folks, you are “social animals” and not just “animals.” There is a difference. So never let your sexual urges overshadow the cultivation of a relationship. First, build a conversation. Then, try to get to know the other person, their desires, ambition, needs, hobbies, etc. Once your significant other is entirely comfortable with you and has given you the due consent, only then can you take it to an intimate personal level.

Many online dating connections end in the first few days because of jumping straight into a sexual discussion. Remember, if you do not know the person well, you don’t have anything to talk about apart from the usual. It gets dull, and ultimately, the connection breaks.

To avoid that, it is better to keep your patience and let the relationship flow at its pace. By doing this, you save yourself from being considered a pervert or a person of less substance. Therefore, it is always better to know a person deeply before indulging in any form of sexual discussion.

5. You’re unnecessarily boastful

You boasted unnecessarily

The mysterious exterior that you have assumed might get you more responses, but you need to be careful with it. While your potential date is unraveling you, make sure that you do not lie or tell them anything that stretches reality too far.

People generally boast a lot about themselves on these dating websites, eventually biting them in the leg as the relationship grows. A little boasting can help you seem confident, but don’t overdo it.

A new study of romantic relationships finds that as online daters get to know another person over time, their initially sweet notions turn sour. Fantasies vanishing with knowledge is a process that hits women harder than men, said Michael Norton of Harvard Business School and one of the study’s authors.

“On online dates, women are much, much more disappointed than men,” Norton said. Women put more stock in the virtual dating world because they seek a soul mate, he said, whereas men are typically after a more casual relationship.

11-Point Checklist to Improve Your Online Dating Game

A straightforward checklist will help you elevate your online dating efforts and meet people you admire. Let’s dive straight into what you can do.

1. Search for the dating website or app that best suits you. Select the one that complements your demography and your preferences. For example, Rometic holds different dating platforms for Thai, African, Russian, Filipino, Chinese, and other Asian communities.

2. Create your profile on the dating website of your choice. Be an audience to updates that the website sends on your e-mail and level up your dating skills. 

3. Add a few high-quality pictures, preferably headshots. Make sure that the image emphasizes your smile and coveys your confidence at first glance. 

4. Write a description/tagline. Give a witty, humorous, and precise description of your real personality. 

5. Jot down other personal details like the type of relationship you are looking for, your physical attributes, etc. Make sure you take care of every tiny detail that can aid your online dating endeavor. 

6. Select your match preferences wisely. Just for the sake of appealing to all, refrain from being generic. Fill your choice according to your real expectations from the potential date. 

7. Start your dating journey and scout profiles properly with focused attention. Find those that best suit you and send them a like or a message. 

8. Be attentive, responsive, and polite in your conversation with relevant messages. 

9. If you match with someone, take their feedback in the middle of the conversation, like what they thought when they first saw your profile to get ideas on how you can further improve your profile. But make sure you don’t just talk about yourself.

10. Optimize your profile based on the feedback you get. Modify the description and preference according to what works and what does not.  

11. Continue to use this checklist to streamline your dating methods and master the art of cultivating relationships online.

Dates, Dates, Everywhere. Not the time to quit. Swell your dating game now.

Once you follow through this checklist and avoid making the mistakes that I mentioned above, your dating game should drastically improve. But remember, patience is vital.

A master of patience and consistency will always find answers on why online dating is not working for you. So grab your phone and laptop and start editing your profile to reach the person that is calmly waiting for you. Bring in an agile method of online dating, and swell your game for real.

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