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9 Things To Do to Get Replies from Asian Women on Asian Dating Sites

10 November 2018

Still frustrated with the fact that you still haven’t got a reply from those Asian women you like on TrulyAsian? Don’t worry! Anything is possible. If you want to know how to be successful in getting replies from Asian women, read the rest of this article to find out the answer.

  1. Build up your profile

    You will never get enough replies if you leave your profile like a ghost. Asians are very keen to detail and would appreciate it if you have a detailed profile so they will have a brief background on every person who chats with them.

    It is also proven by dating experts that a complete and detailed profile will get a higher chance of success in online dating.

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    So you better get started on building your profile on that Asian dating site.

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  2. Choose proper photos

    When choosing photos for your profile, make sure they are pleasant and appropriate. Avoid misleading photos. This could backfire and cause a bigger problem whenever you decide to meet in person.

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    By being real in your photos, you can be able to get a good image from Asian women and it will make you sincere. They will think that you are a nice man who loves his family, friends, and has positive views in life.

  3. Customize every message sent

    According to dating experts, sending a customized message will give you a higher chance of getting replies. That includes the woman’s name, a simple compliment about her profile, and sharing a little bit about your similarities in your messages.

    In that way, you will be able to build a connection and excitement just from the first message.

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    But if you’re not really good with words, you can use some of the first message templates on the Ultimate Tips to Sending Your First Message article. If you do resort to this option, make sure the template that you use would mimic your thoughts.

    Getting replies from Asian women is not hard. It’s just a matter of putting a little effort apart from the time you spend on copy/pasting messages.

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  4. Prioritizing long-term commitments

    Putting up a long-term relationship as a goal on your first encounter might scare other people. Not all people are open to commitment right away, others would love to have a “getting to know” phase first before transitioning into a more serious one.

    Sharing about your future plans is not a good idea if you just started a relationship with someone. But this could be tricky for some people. Because others aren't open to sharing their relationship goals while others are not. That’s why you really need to communicate in order to sort this differences between you.

    In the long run, if both of you are meant to be together or things are starting to go on the lighter side, then that will be the perfect time you can open up about your views on the relationship.

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  5. Profile bio is too long

    Many have been victims of a too short profile. Now, we’re going to tackle on a profile that’s just too long. We all know how unique you are as a person. You may have a lot of experiences and stories to tell but remember, your profile is not your CV.

    zombie man got bored

    Let’s think about how you approach a woman in person. You just have to share enough information about yourself that will make them interested enough to reply and reach out to you. Cut the length of your profile in half and think like you are just in your first day of class where you only important information about yourself.

  6. Pretending to be the person you are not

    If you are the type of person who is too shy, geek, chubby, and short in person, but pretending to be the most talkative, attractive, and humorous person online just to get replies from Asian women won’t help you.

    a transgender pretending to be rich

    What if you have fallen for a girl you met online and decided to meet in person?

    She will either ditch you for the fact that you are not the person she expected to be or she will accept you for who you are and make considerations.

  7. Long messages are a No No

    Most women would prefer to send and receive short messages. Something that is short but straight to the point. The key is to just keep it sweet and simple. A long message might overwhelm the receiver.

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    If you write too much, they might think you are too confident. The goal of your first message is to have a continuous conversation and make them interested in you.

    Make sure that you pick out the best question that you might think is a great conversation starter and the rest is up to you.

  8. Bombarding your Asian date with messages

    It is best to use the general rule which is a 1:1 ratio.

    Sending multiple messages at once might scare the receiver. Unless you want to be classified as a neurotic or needy person. Just stick with the plain ratio and simply wait for the response.

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    But if that person is really interested in you, they will always find a way to respond to your messages even if they are busy. If you just can’t stand waiting for a reply, you have two options:

    • You may wait longer
    • Move on and reach out to other people

    There are thousands of singles out there who can grab your interests. Resist the urge and avoid sending multiple messages to the same person(if they’re not responding.)

  9. Research everything about your Asian match's country

    Though not everything about her country, but at least some parts of it.

    It is advisable to do a little research about Asia if you are trying to date an Asian woman.

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    There are a lot of misconceptions about dating an Asian woman and it is best to know about it in advance so you can avoid misunderstandings.

    Being able to understand and learn a few facts about your date’s home country will make the conversation more two-sided and you can easily relate to her every time she shares about her country’s culture and beliefs.

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